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Transformadres secos ASE

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04 de enero de 2018.

Nueva gama de transformadores secos para Señalización Ferroviaria.

Transformadores secos ASE    


Nuevos videos tutoriales

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16 de junio de 2017.

Nuevos vídeos tutoriales en nuestro canal de Youtube. Esperamos que los encuentren interesantes y formativos. 

Celda de transformación    Celda de remonte    Celda de línea feeder 


ASE publishes datasheets of its best selling transformers

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24 february 2015 -

ASE publishes the datasheets of its bestselling transformers.

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ASE publishes new manuals of its transformer substations

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10 february 2015 -

ASE has published new, bilingual, english-spanish manuals for its new remote-controlled transformer substations. Including QR code links with commissioning videos,  tips for delivering and unpacking, troubleshooting guide and more.

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ASE delivers energy equipmen for the Cadiz Metro

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12  march 2014 - ASE has delivered 80% of its contract with EFACEC for the equipment supply for  the Metroplitan Tram Bay of Cadiz. This first part of the delivery includes: three remote-controlled, step-up transformer substations and nine step-down transformer switchboards , to be installed in the tram stops.

More info about this project: